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Immersion Day:

Data Engineering



tecRacer Consulting GmbH
Vahrenwalder Str. 156
30165 Hannover


28 September 2022
from 09:00 to 16:00

Learn how to set up a scalable and secure data lake solution and discuss your personal projects with our experts!

In times where data is omnipresent we are challenged with the task of persisting, transforming, and visualizing data to unfold its potential.

In hands-on sessions, we will show you how you can set up a scalable and secure data lake solution and how to query the data lake using Amazon Athena. You will also dive deep into data transformation processes using AWS Glue and learn how to visualize results with Amazon QuickSight.

We're looking forward to discussing typical challenges and your personal projects with you and to leaving you inspired and excited to build your own data analytics processes on AWS.


09:00 Uhr Introduction and welcome
09:20 Uhr Module 1: Overview over the Data Lake
10:05 Uhr

Module 2: Hydrating the Data Lake

10:50 Uhr


11:00 Uhr

Module 3: Working with Data Lake

11:45 Uhr Lunch
12:45 Uhr

Lab: Transforming Data in Data Lake with Glue

13:45 Uhr

Module 4: Query and visualize the Data Lake

14:45 Uhr

Lab: Query the Data Lake with Athena and QuickSight 

15:30 Uhr


15:40 Uhr

Module 5: Consuming Data Lake


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Your hosts

Jessica von Janta

Jessica von Janta

Cloud Consultant, tecRacer
Ralf Neumann

Ralf Neumann

Cloud Consultant & Team Lead, tecRacer